Local Advisory Board

The Local Advisory Board functions primarily as an advisory board and holds an important strategic role in overseeing the achievement of the school’s strategic aims and objectives.

The LAB will:

  • understand and uphold the school’s and GEMS vision and values.
  • monitor, advise and support the school on matters of strategy and policy.
  • help monitor the school’s standards and performance.
  • support the school and the Principal and seek to provide wise counsel.

Local Advisory Board Members

Members are a group of experienced and skilled individuals from diverse backgrounds, who add a great deal to improve the school’s performance. Members are mindful of the role and responsibilities of the Principal, and understand and appreciate the relationship of GEMS (the company) to the school.

The LAB is not involved in financial matters, appointing staff, the day to day running of the school, admissions, individual issues or grievances, or any other matters which are the remit of GEMS or the school’s leadership.

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