Hazel Halligan LAB

Hazel Halligan

Head of Primary

Hazel Halligan originates from the picturesque city of Perth in Scotland. Her unwavering dedication to education led her to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Education and Educational Studies from the prestigious University of Glasgow. Driven by her passion for teaching, she honed her skills and imparted knowledge to eager young minds in Scotland. However, her thirst for new experiences and cultural diversity ignited an adventurous spirit within her, propelling her to seize opportunities to teach in diverse countries worldwide, including Qatar, India, Australia, and China.

Throughout her illustrious career, Hazel assumed various leadership roles, each offering invaluable insights and personal growth. Her exceptional tenacity and commitment propelled her to esteemed positions such as Head of EYFS, Assistant Head Teacher, and Head of Primary. In these capacities, she had the privilege of guiding exceptional teams of educators and staff members, fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment.

By cultivating unity and shared purpose, she ensured that her students received an unparalleled learning experience. In 2019, Hazel embarked on a new and exciting chapter in her professional journey by joining GEMS Education as the Deputy Head of Primary at GEMS Winchester School in Fujairah. Recognising her unwavering commitment and outstanding leadership skills, she was honored with the appointment as the Head of Primary the following year.

This pivotal role entrusted her with guiding a substantial team of dedicated teachers and staff members. She wholeheartedly embraced this responsibility, focusing on creating an environment that nurtured collaboration, innovation, and personal growth. Now, Hazel is thrilled to join the team at GEMS Metropole School – Al Waha. As the founding Head of Primary, she extends a warm and heartfelt welcome to the vibrant and inclusive school community, which is dedicated to fostering a genuine love for learning in each and every student. Hazel firmly believes in the untapped potential for greatness within every child. It is the sacred duty of educators to assist them in discovering and nurturing their unique talents and abilities.

Through a multitude of enriching learning opportunities that encourage exploration, creativity, critical thinking, independence, and an appreciation for the world around them, students are empowered to flourish and thrive. Furthermore, Hazel holds a strong conviction that robust partnerships between the school, families, and the wider community are pivotal in supporting student learning and overall wellbeing.

She eagerly anticipates collaborating with parents to ensure that each child reaches their full potential and makes a positive impact on the world. Together, they can pave the way for a bright and promising future. Once again, Hazel extends her warmest greetings and invites you to join the school community on this extraordinary educational journey. Together, they will embark on a path of boundless possibilities and transformative growth.