Alex James

Alex James

Deputy Head of Primary

Alex, a dedicated education professional, is joining the MTW family with a commitment to fostering an inclusive and personalised learning environment.

With an extensive background in leadership spanning eight years in senior positions, Alex brings a wealth of experience and a dedication to continuous improvement within the school community. Alex holds the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) and possesses strategic leadership skills essential in supporting the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), teachers, and the broader community in guiding the school towards excellence.

His academic achievements include a BA (Hons) in Education and accreditation as a BSO Assessor. Rooted in a leadership philosophy centred on collaboration, transparency, and integrity, Alex strives to support a school culture where every individual is valued and empowered to achieve their full potential. By fostering open communication and a shared vision, Alex believes that collective efforts can lead to the success of each learner. A key priority for Alex is personalising provisions to meet the diverse needs of students.

Recognising the uniqueness of each learner, he is committed to implementing strategies that cater to different learning styles, abilities, and interests, with the ultimate goal of creating a sustainable and inclusive community hub that nurtures tomorrow's leaders. Beyond the school environment, Alex enjoys the rewards and challenges of golf, paddleboarding on The Palm, and hiking in the Hatta mountains.

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    GEMS Metropole School teachers plan challenging, well-organised, interesting lessons with good pace, and incorporate a range of teaching and Assessment for Learning pedagogies. There are regular opportunities for leadership, decision-making and problem solving and pupils are encouraged to take an active role in the learning opportunities they encounter.

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