Kersha-Rae Prentice

Head of Key Stage 1

Kersha, an Australian-trained teacher, originally born and raised in Sydney, NSW, holds a Bachelor of International Communications and a Master of Teaching Primary. Her educational journey spans both private and public education positions in Adelaide and Sydney. Over four years, she gained invaluable experience teaching and leading at an inner London school established in 2016. During her tenure, she played a pivotal role in shaping the Year 2 curriculum and instituting a comprehensive school-wide Physical Education Curriculum.

Notably, her efforts bore fruit when her school secured the esteemed Association for Physical Education Quality Mark in 2023. Her leadership prowess is evident through her diverse roles as Key Stage 1 lead, Physical Education lead, Assessment lead, Year 2 lead, and Mentor teacher for a current practicing ECT. Her training and experience across different educational settings and countries have finely enhanced her adaptability to varying cultures, individuals, and situations. With great anticipation, she looks forward to using her wealth of knowledge and skills in the vibrant educational landscape of Dubai.

Functioning as both an educator and a leader, Kersha's core objective revolves around fostering open-mindedness and respect while nurturing a critical worldview among her students. She strives to fill students with a belief in their capacity to learn and effect positive change in society. At the heart of her teaching philosophy lie the values of equity and inclusion, all set within a child-centered learning environment grounded in academic excellence and mutual respect. Fueling her passion for innovative pedagogy, she cherishes creative learning methodologies and the transformative power of exploration through play. A devoted traveler at heart, Kersha's upbringing in Australia and her extensive journeys have nurtured a deep appreciation for diverse global cultures and traditions spanning continents. Beyond the classroom, her talents extend to ballroom and Latin dancing, where she once participated as a competitive dancer in Australia. I

n her leisure moments, she revels in the art of sewing, crafting costumes, fashioning ready-to-wear garments, and breathing new life into old clothing through upcycling. Sporting pursuits like snowboarding and cycling, as well as unwinding with historical documentaries, complete her eclectic interests. Her love for creativity finds expression in frequent visits to museums and art galleries during her time living in London. Eagerly embracing the next chapter, Kersha is poised to join the GEMS Metropole School – Al Waha team, eagerly collaborating with families and colleagues to embark on a dynamic educational journey that harmonises seamlessly with the exceptional facilities the school has to offer.