Mary Saad

Greetings! I'm Mary Saad, and I'm delighted to shed light on my role as the Corporate  Head for Arabic and Islamic Improvement at GEMS Education. In this pivotal position, I provide strategic direction and leadership to enhance Arabic and Islamic provisions across the GEMS network of schools. My focus extends beyond mere guidance, encompassing comprehensive support for school leaders and the crucial task of building the capacity of Arabic and Islamic teams.

With nearly two decades of experience in the education sector, my journey has been shaped by collaborations with ministries of education, NGOs, and schools. My expertise spans evidence-based policy reform, school-wide improvement initiatives, curriculum design, and capacity building for both teachers and school leaders.

Throughout my career, I've been deeply involved in impactful projects, including my contribution to the USAID funded project D-RASATI, the TAMAM Project at the American University of Beirut, and policy reform initiatives informed by international assessment data such as TIMSS 2011, TIMSS 2015, PIRLS 2015, and PISA 2012.

My educational background includes an MA in Education, a Teaching Diploma, and a BS in Mathematics, all earned at the esteemed American University of Beirut. These qualifications form the foundation for my commitment to fostering excellence in Arabic and Islamic education within the GEMS Education system.

I am passionate about driving positive change and ensuring that our students receive the highest quality education in Arabic and Islamic studies. Join me in this transformative journey as we work towards shaping an educational landscape that reflects our commitment to excellence and cultural enrichment.